Nature of Business

Center for treatment and disposal of industrial waste to be recycled.

The company’s core business is to provide the treatment and disposal of waste from various industries, including both hazardous and non hazardous waste. The collection of waste from the company. To be recycled. The license for the factory 105 and 106 according to the plant.

1. 3-105-1/46 battle extraction and landfill waste or unused materials that are not dangerous.





2. 3-106-1/46 combat the waste products or chemicals, including substances not used as a surfactant concentration. Recycled water to wash the car or cleaning the floor. The waste to produce a concrete block the worm.



3. 3-106-2-46 combat the waste and chemicals are not used. Recycled into new products such as paints, oil and waste oil, paint color, not quality. The waste oil, oil products, chemicals, resins and all kinds of colors. The recycled cotton waste contamination. Contaminated gloves and bags. Through the washing process. Fuel mix. Factory operation of renewable fuels and raw materials.


4. 3-106-3/46 combat extraction of precious metals. Metal and plastic from waste electronics. Collection of batteries that are not used. Lamp recycling business in St. pretty full. Crushed electrical and electronic equipment components. Crushed slag and scrap metal.



5. 3-106-4/46 battle tanks, repair and clean up solvent contamination by the container of all kinds.





6. 3-106/10/47 battle recycling liquid film. BH and liquid metals.





7. 3-40 (a) -2/46 battle compressed waste paper.





8. 3-53 (9) -1/46 battle of plastic granulators.





9. 3-64 (11) -1/45 battle compressed waste paper, such as steel, aluminum, copper, brass and other metal debris.





Transportation system.



The company has installed GPS car alarm system can monitor the entire route.

  1. 10-wheel truck in Vall of Box.
  2. 10-wheel truck and van.
  3. 10-wheel truck and car.
  4. 10-wheel truck with hiab.
  5. Tank truck 10 wheels of steel.
  6. 18-wheel trucks, trailers and tank of stainless steel.







Laboratory analysis.



The company has a laboratory analysis of waste within the factory to check the quality of waste and the properties and methods of waste treatment, waste treatment, the chief operating officer. The permit process does not affect the environment and how to correctly and efficiently.


Environment and safety.



The wax and recycled in Media Center Co., Ltd. has the right environment. We have implemented an environmental management system. The ISO 14001:2004 standard for environmental management and plant safety and performance of employees. The training drills such as evacuation, chemical spill, fire, etc. The use of protective equipment and medical staff on a regular basis. The employees are happy in their work.


Community relations.



We wax and recycled in Media Center Co., Ltd. was promoted to the surrounding community and the general. By supporting the sport. Lent to the traditional New Year ceremony and scholarship. Gifts for students. And training are provided by the community to participate and the company. Get involved with the community.